Yury Darashkevich - Awesome!

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"I try to establish a very private dialog between the viewer and the subject matter of my painting. It is a simple and sincere conversation without any unnecessary details."

Check out this awesome work: www.yurydarash.com


Updated Portfolio - Philip Mason

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Just updated my portfolio to include my car styling, digital, and advertising pieces. It takes so much more time than I thought to sort through all the years of work, size/photo/edit, then post to a website.

Website to view: Portfolio
Motion Graphics/Animation: Vimeo videos
or download my full: CV/Resume PDF


Draw Rico Draw

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Rico finds inspiration in found imagery, using his extensive archive of old books and magazines. He also has a healthy interest in the natural world and the human form.


Super big fan of his work: http://www.twelvty.com


Emma Uber

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"I grew up in Ballarat, Victoria. It is a small and beautiful town but didn’t have a lot going on for me, so I stayed home and painted most of the time.

My parents had a small farm with lots of junk, old sheds and odd bits and pieces lying around. I could always find something to paint on, making my own canvas frames from used pieces  and even old window frames. I would paint with any materials I could find." - And WOW can she paint! #newfavpainter

Check out her website: http://emmauber.tumblr.com

Adam Hunter Caldwell

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I'm a huge fan! -
"The eclectic nature of my work reflects my wide range of interests and influences. My figurative painting and drawing has been influenced by the realistic yet expressive work of Odd Nerdrum, Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Antonio López García, Jenny Saville, and Barron Storey, whom I studied under at CCAC."

See more of his work at:

Etam Cru

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Etam Cru"Polish street artists Sainer and Bezt are doing some incredible artwork around Europe. Together, they are the Etam Cru and they are putting Polish street art on the map with their incredible large-scale pieces that can span buildings 10 stories high.

While the gallery below highlights their street art murals, both artists also do fantastic canvas work using oils and acrylics. You can find an extensive gallery of both artists (both individually and as ‘Etam’)"

Check out their work at: www.etamcru.com

Up for Auction Ascari Ferrari

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Up for auction is one of my favorite paintings, it's an original I created about ten years ago.
"Philip is (was) an automotive designer with the Ford Motor Company design staff in Detroit. This original illustration is an example of his dynamic depiction skills."

SOLD - Check it out: Auctions America

Gabriel Moreno

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Beautiful work from Madrid! I'm so inspired.

"Illustrator, engraver and painter based in Madrid, graduated of Fine Arts in the University of Sevilla in 98. Since then he worked in different design studios and ad agencies in Andalusia. In 2004 he moves to Madrid. In June 2007 he begins to show his portfolio and after being selected amongst the 20 new talents of illustration, by the London based magazine Computer Arts, he begins his succesful carreer as an illustrator."

Website: http://gabrielmoreno.com
Originals and prints: http://gabrielmorenogallery.com

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