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I found the work of ZhuZhu on DeviantArt.com while searching for some photoshop brushes (his are awesome bwt) and just fell in love with his technique!

These are great examples of digital sketches that range from quick bursts of color to complete realistic renderings. He is also a teacher with online demos from his classes.

Just outstanding!!
Link: Zhu Zhu on DeviantArt

Kamalky Laureano

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Working with acrylic on canvas Kamalky Laureano is really creating a buzz! For sure a big (compliment) reminder of the great Chuck Close, he is from the Dominican Republic currently resides in Mexico City.

Check out the rest of his work: http://kamalkylaureano.carbonmade.com/

Patrick Nagel

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He is certainly one of the most influential artist for so many of us. I'm pretty sure the first time I saw his work was in an early eighties Playboy, a youth spent like so many boys.

Almost more than the actual women in the magazine, his work captivated me. From then on I always wanted to paint with that style and economy, to make women seem so very beautiful with so little on the canvas. It's in his detail that the real master is separated from the common works.

This is a picture of a print I bought for my wife years ago, we both share the love of his work!

His website: patricknagel.com

Kevin Cyr

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Wow, the works by Kevin Cyr really appeal to the car lover and artist in me! Just an outstanding juxtaposition of utility and dramatic defacing ;-) And the sheer number paintings on the subject is really great... one of my new favorite artists to be sure!

"...I find beauty in derelict cars and unkempt landscapes. I have always been interested in painting vehicles and scenes that have defined the evolution of the American landscape."

Check out his work: http://kevincyr.net


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He showed me the finer points of art and how to see the details while creating. Most of my young adult life was spent working or having a drink with Taru Lahti and his family. He's really been a great friend of mine for so many years.

That said, he's one of the most talented designers, artist, and fabricator of fine things I've ever had the pleasure to meet. I'm not just saying this because I know him, he's a legend... and certainly my hero!

His portfolio is far ranging, from automotive design (Ford Focus concept car in 1992), to furniture with Propeller, and now all his latest interior design. Really one of the world's great designers, but he'll never accept that compliment, too humble.

Taru Lahti Website


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For sure one of the biggest influences in my life and certainly my mentor for many years. Camilo Pardo taught me so many of the design and art rules as a professor and outside the classroom.

To this very day I still hear his voice when I paint or draw... "One-third, two-thirds", "More contrast", and usually "Simplify!".

I am so very grateful for all the time he spent teaching me and so very proud to call him my friend. It's great to see that he continues to do well!

Camilo Pardo Website


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One of my all time favorite people and a friend from so long ago I can't remember when we actually met, must be 20 years or more at the Bankle.

He is really on a terror lately and making waves all over the world.
Please have a look at his works, outstanding graffiti artist!

Shades - Detroit

5 Pieces Gallery

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Ok, new goal for this coming year. I'd really like to show at a gallery with this kind of caliber... really outstanding works!

"5 Pieces Gallery is internationally engaged in the presentation and dissemination of young contemporary art in the media of painting..."

Visit: Gallery Website

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