Risuke Fukahori Goldfish Painting

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Risuke FukahoriThis is really one of my favorite artists, talk about control and line work. Please see the full video, especially the end with the broom as the brush... wow!

Link to the full video: Youtube

Artist webiste: http://goldfishing.info

Soft Touch by Peony Yip

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Peony YipReally love her work, such a soft touch! Make sure you look through her "Hair" section - outstanding ballpoint pen work!
Artist Portfolio - Behance

Ape on the Moon

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Ape On the MoonA recent follow on Twitter lead me to a great site run by Alex Mathers, Ape on the Moon.

"Ape on the Moon believes in the value of good, contemporary visual art and in supporting and promoting those that create it." Very cool!

Check them out: ApeOnTheMoon.com

First Post

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Back to my first love, painting. After all those years of internet and website development work, I've decided to do what my heart has always told me to do.

I said when I started designing websites, some 12+ years ago, that I would retire from all this at 45 and be a painter for the rest of my life, really never believed that I would.

Now, in a great gift from my wife Courtney (support and confidence), I begin my second life... as a fine art painter.

And here we go! Back into the world of Art, with a capital "a"!

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