Stephane Moscato STF

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His work just fascinates me and inspires me to collaborate with my wife again. So thank you STF for all the great work!

"Based in Marseille, Stephane Moscato is an urban artist, post punk, fascinated by the skin of the walls. His material is displayed at:"


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Andrea Michaelsson and Ilia Mayer make up Barcelona's dynamic street art duo, Btoy. Btoy has been filling the influential Catalan street art scene with their retro fantasy worlds for years and their international popularity has catapulted since their work was seen in the grimy tunnels of London's first Cans festival.

The artists each have their own idiosyncratic styles that they bring to the collaboration. Mayer works in a more subdued pallet; his characters are moody and set against austere landscapes. Michaelsson's stencil portraits are a bolder mix of watercolour, inks and spray. The two styles marry into images of fantastical acid-house warriors, 1930s starlets and ancient heroines that are distinctive to Btoy.

Btoy has exhibited in galleries all around Europe and at the Carmichael Gallery in Los Angeles.

Michele del Campo

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"Michelle del Campo was born in Italy in 1976 y. In 2001 year graduated from Jordanstone College of Arts specialty of illustration. In 2002 , he moved to Madrid and started his career of painter . Since 2008 , lives and works in London. His paintings in the genre of realism, where the main characters is urban youth."

Beautify work!

Meet Sainer

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There is a sensitive touch in these pieces that I really enjoy!
Przemek Blejzyk's (aka Sainer) lastest canvases from 2012 in Lodz, Poland.

Check out his work on Behance:

Odelia Toder

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odelia toderThis is really pretty, love her work!
Devil's got a brand new dance.

Please check out the rest of her outstanding paintings at the Deviant Art website:

Derek Gores

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derek_goresWow! - "Derek recycles magazines, maps, notes and assorted found materials in his collage portraits on canvas.  In 2010, Gores was named 'One of  the 40 Important artists of the New Contemporary Movement'."

"Every Hour, Every Breath, Has Come to This", collage on canvas, inquire at Parlor Gallery for pricing & availability (

Worship his composition ability at:
http://www.derekgores.comderek_gores derek_gores derek_gores

Robert Proch

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My inspiration for this year!!!
Robert "Prochs figures are never motionless before us, even if they stay in a certain posture. Emotions are transformed to the moving particles, change shape and follow each other like vibrations in the room."

"His rhythmic and fragmentary ideas have no place in our understanding of classical pictorial space. Prochs faster and more vibrant ductus dissolves perspectives and outlines, shapes and colors correspond to the continuity in space and shatter on benevolently."

Painter, muralist, animator.
Lives and works in Poznan, Poland

Svenja Jodicke

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"The twist of combining two apparently incoherent things, makeup and animals, is what made her begin this series - the very least thing she intends is to be a conventional artist anymore."

Wow, right! Her work is really outstanding!
Please check out her work for sale at:

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